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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Historical Fiction/Call for Submission

Today, I’m showcasing an engaging book, With Purpose and Promise, by Kentucky author, K. Melissa Burton.

Young readers love historical fiction because they can learn about events and people of years gone by in an interesting way. When reading a textbook, they gain facts, but when they read a historical novel, readers become involved in the lives of the characters. As readers make an emotional connection to the characters, they are more likely to remember the facts and historical events.

Historical fiction should be grounded in truth even though the story is made up. The facts need to be accurate and woven into the story with an authentic setting. This is just the case with the latest book, With Purpose and Promise, by K. Melissa Burton.


K. Melissa Burton, Tate Publishing, 2010, $14.99, pb, 239pp, 978-1-61663-434-6

In the early 1900s, Lilly Kate Overstreet’s simple life turns complex when she is introduced to the harsh realities of her father’s death and a move from her farm home to the small town of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. While she and her mother struggle to create better lives for themselves, Lilly Kate relishes in the joy of attending high school. She excels in classes, becomes a tutor for a classmate, and works on the school newspaper. Lilly Kate’s determination grows stronger with each challenge she encounters. When a teacher introduces the class to a new game called basketball, the girls form teams and create a new alliance with the people of the town, and together they look to a future filled with purpose and promise.

Burton weaves an enchanting and inspiring tale with realistic characterization and historical accuracy. In a setting depicted with vivid details, she explores the turn-of-the-century culture from the lack of educational opportunities for girls and expected obedience of children to the strict social standards of the day. Burton’s skillful blend of fiction and fact takes readers on an uplifting journey they will affectionately remember.

Humpty Dumpty's Magazine, for children ages 5-7 is accepting submissions for poems (4-12) lines; crafts; recipes; activities; rebuses; and simple, picture-oriented fiction and nonfiction of no more than 450 words. All material submitted should reflect good values and healthy living.

The magazine's health and fitness focus includes kids' emotional lives, interests and educational needs. Avoid reference to sugary foods, such as candy, cakes, cookies, and soft drinks. Send seasonal material at least eight months in advance. It's advised that writers study several back issues of the magazine before submitting. Pays up to 35 cents/word for fiction and nonfiction; $25-$50 for poetry; a minimum of $25 for puzzles and games. Buys all rights, including Web, and pays upon publication. One-time book rights will be returned to the author when an interested publisher is found.

Submit entire manuscript with SASE to Phyllis Lybarger, Editor, Humpty Dumpty's Magazine,US Kids, PO Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.


  1. I enjoy reading historical fiction. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing the review.

    I'm working on the research part of a couple of historical books now.

  2. Susanne, I enjoy the research part of writing. Hope all is going well with your efforts.