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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Writing a To-Do List, Goals, Calls for Submissions

A new year is upon us. As we face the blank writing page of 2011, let’s peek back at our achievements of 2010 and look forward to a prosperous 2011 by making a couple of lists, “Accomplishments” and “To-Do”. “Under “Accomplishments” list what you’ve accomplished in your writing. Did you have fun? Learn anything new? Finish a manuscript? Start a manuscript? Attend a workshop? Stop obsessing over rejection letters? (We’ll probably never totally accomplish that one.) Enter a contest? Join a writers group? Be kind to yourself and list any and all positive writing experiences.

Try the same technique with the “To-Do” list. What do you want to do in 2011 to improve your writing career? Did you read about a publisher that accepts manuscripts for a short period of time, say July? List each month and under July, write “submit to [ ] publisher. I use a To-Do list with monthly projects because it’s the only way I can keep track of information. I also use this list as a reminder to submit to [ ] publisher if a certain manuscript is rejected by a publisher to which it is now submitted. If I haven’t heard from a publisher in 6 months, I’ll submit to another; maybe as many as five.

Rather than eat away at our time, lists actually save time by keeping us organized. Begin 2011 with a positive outlook and an organized approach to pave the way for reaching your writing goals.

Calls for Submissions:

Graywolf Press: January is a month when Graywolf Press accepts submissions (postmark dates; submissions are also welcome in May and September). "Graywolf Press is a literary press that publishes about twenty-seven books annually, mostly collections of poetry, memoir, essays, novels, and short stories. Our editors are looking for high quality literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that combines a distinct voice with a distinct vision." Check and click "Submission Guidelines" to learn more.

The Blue Pencil Online publishes the work of writers ages 12 to 18 from around the world, with the intention of showcasing the best and full scope of teen writing.
Guidelines at

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