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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Writer Motivation, Part II, Calls for Submissions

This week, I have more tips on ways to stay motivated when receiving rejection after rejection from publishers.

1. Protect your writing time. If possible, set aside time each day or week to devote to your writing project. Some people have as little as twenty minutes; others longer.
2. Everyone has moments when motivation is fleeting. Don’t allow those moments to hinder your goals. Try writing just one sentence. Often that sentence will lead to another; then another.
3. Writing is a job. It’s exciting, fun, and worthy, just like other jobs, but remember that it is a job so there will be moments when the words don’t come easily and the excitement will dwindle along with the fun. Be realistic in viewing writing as a job.
4. Some writers, including me, like to change genres to keep the writing exciting and different. If you’ve only tried novels, give chapter books or picture books a try. Or if you’re writing historical pieces, try something else. You might find the new venture stimulating.
5. Write works that interest you. If you don’t love it, others probably won’t either. If you love your characters, you’ll want to spend more time in their world.

These are some of the ways I stay motivated to write. What motivates you?

Call for Submissions for Adult Writers
Ninth Letter is accepting submissions of fiction, poetry, essays, and interviews from September 1 to April 30 (postmark dates). Ninth Letter is a published semi-annually at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. We are interested in prose and poetry that experiment with form, narrative, and nontraditional subject matter, as well as more traditional literary work.” Pays: $25/printed page, on publication.
Details at

Call for Submissions for Student Writers

Ages 13 and under: games, reviews and contests.

Ages 13-18: poems, fiction and non-fiction
Details at

To see more contests, check out my blog at

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