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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Picture Books: Circular Stories/Calls for Submissions

Circular stories are a fun way to learn to structure a picture book plot logically. The plot is devised so the ending leads back to the beginning, therefore, circular. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is an example. A character’s journey takes him/her through dramatic action and ends up right back where they started. The main plot follows a predictable series of events. The character sets out on a journey to find, learn, or do something and must deal with obstacles as in other types of picture book plots. This format works well with stories about time travel, adventures, dreams, entering other worlds, and self-acceptance. Circular stories often utilize the writing techniques of showing, onomatopoeia, and sensory imagery.

This format is fun for young children because the storyline is rewarding. By returning to the beginning, the reader feels a sense of completion, with no loose ends or questions left unanswered. The familiarity is comforting.

Call for submissions for young writers:
Do you have the writer's bug? Or are you a shutterbug with some great photos to share with other Kiki readers? Or an artist or designer waiting to be published and discovered? At Kiki, we love to see what our readers are doing, and we're sure that Kiki readers want to see what you've been working on,
too. Whatever your creative talent, submit your work to Kiki. Send us your illustrations, artwork, photos, or articles, and one of your creative masterpieces might end up being featured in the magazine!

If you're over 14 years old, go ahead and upload your submission. If you're under 14, you can send us whatever you have to Kiki Reader Submissions at 118 W Pike St, Covington, KY 41011. It all goes to the same place! But remember, if you're under 14, an adult can always upload your information for you. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Email your submission to

Details at

Call for submissions for adult writers:
Children’s Writer
Cash prizes, winners’ certificates, and valuable training in disciplined writing.
Write a 900 word mystery could win $500.
Deadline: April 30th.
Details at

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