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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Picture Books: Historical Fiction/Call for Submissions

Writing historical fiction requires research plus storytelling. I always research far more information than I will actually use in the story because I want to select the tidbits that will peak the interests of the readers. Storytelling involves writing intriguing plots with interesting characters in a captivating voice. Even though the story is fiction, the historical facts must be accurate. When I wrote Trouble in Troublesome Creek, I researched how Confederate soldiers hid in caves and used the underground areas to stow their goods and to make ammunition. The research was critical to the plotline because similar events had to have happened or the story would have lost its authenticity and all credibility with the audience.

The book is about a group of kids who are having a fun day of play along Troublesome Creek. I used just enough history to make the story interesting without detracting from the narrative. Allow the historical facts to enrich the story while the personalities and actions of the characters take the lead.

From May through August I will suspend the posting of contests and calls for submissions for young writers.

Call for submissions for adult writers:
Word Hotel, the literary magazine, published by the BFA in Creative Writing at Spalding University, is accepting literature, illustrations, photographs and photographs of artwork for the summer/fall issue to be published in August. They welcome submissions in all genres and a multitude of styles, including experimental, and are looking particularly for writers who have not yet published a first book. Writers may submit up to three poems (any length), short fiction or creative nonfiction up to 2,500 words, and hybrid texts.
Deadline: May 31
Details at

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