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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Author Interview Blogs/Themes for Dig Magazine

Everyone has a story, but writing the story can be an overwhelming experience. Although the writing process is enjoyable (most of the time), a lot of hard work is involved. We sometimes get so immersed in our stories, it’s difficult to examine how to improve them. Writing is a solitary venture but that doesn’t mean that other writers can’t play an important role in the process. Writers gain immeasurable benefits from other writers. Writing conferences, workshops, and retreats offer practical information that can move a writer along the journey to publication. However, these events come at a cost: money for the event, time away from home and family, and travel expenses. This expenditure is out of reach for many writers.

The Internet offers useful, convenient advice, especially blogs. I read blogs that focus on author interviews. Those are the next best thing to sitting face-to-face and learning how the writer blazed the trail to publication. And this method doesn’t cost a cent. Read interviews by first-time-published authors to see how they maneuvered through the obstacles and passed through the gatekeepers (agents/editors) to gain that coveted contract.

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