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Sunday, November 18, 2012

From Idea to Story, Part V/Calls or Submissions

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An idea is the seed of a story. Like a seed, a story needs the right environment to grow. Some ideas grow better in a short story, some are suited for a full-length novel, and some are perfect for a picture book. Since you’ll be living and breathing the idea for a long time, choose it with care. The enthusiasm you have for your idea will need to be strong enough to be worthy of weeks or months of your time.

Borrow ideas from your own life or that of someone who interests you. You don’t have to make up everything in a fictional story. Consider the worst day of your life? Or the time you made a terrible decision. These moments evoke intense emotions and can be used to develop a character. The character doesn’t have to experience the same situations you did, but basing the story on a real event can add authenticity to the story making it seem more real to the reader. A fine storyteller never lets truth get in the way of telling a good yarn.

Call for submissions for adult writers:

Sucker Literary Magazine. Magazine for young adult fiction. Submissions should be no more than 10,000 words. Only one submission per author per issue.

Submission guidelines at

Call for submissions for young writers:

New Moon Girls. Love to write? Share all your fabulous fiction here! Publish your newest creations, or get advice on works-in-progress. And read great stories by other New Moon Girls!

Submission guidelines at

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