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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rewrites/Calls for Submissions

Rewrites are daunting tasks. Editors ask for the changes for a reason. One reason is simply to make the manuscript become a better fit for that particular publishing house. This happens often with magazine articles and stories. The editor wants to bring out a writer’s best talent and that can take several rounds of revision in many cases.

The suggestions may seem overwhelming. As often happens with me, I read through once, maybe twice, and set it aside for the remainder of the day. During this time, I attempt to channel my muse (who can frequently be contrary and unchannelable) and mull the ideas presented in the editor’s notes. The next morning, I reread the notes and tackle the rewrite, one word at a time.

If you question a change, go ahead and make it anyway. Tackle the small changes first. As you accomplish those, your confidence will built and the larger tasks won’t seem so daunting, after all. Once all the changes are made, you may decide that you agree, or at least don’t strongly disagree, with the editor. However, if you still strongly disagree with the revision, talk with the editor. You will probably be able to work a compromise. If not, you can always pull the manuscript and submit to another publisher.

Call for submissions for adult writers:
2013 South American Short Story Writing Contest is open for submissions. We are looking for the best possible short stories from writers located in any country. Winning prize is $100 USD and publication in Southern Pacific Review. Deadline is 30 March 2013. Candidates must have previous writing experience either in a print publication or on-line in a blog. Submit entries along with links to any work you have published to There is no reading fee. We are interested in quality writing.

Deadline: Online submission deadline: March 30, 2013

Call for submissions for young writers: 

Skipping Stones. 50% of magazine is written by young people. Accepts Spanish/English  check this site for topics, or themes, for future issues short fiction and plays (500-750 words)poems, jokes, riddles, proverbs (250 words or less)

Submission guidelines at

Check out more contests on my blog:

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