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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Publishing Trends/Calls for Submissions

Autumn has arrived, and with the changing season, it seems appropriate to look at the changes in the publishing world. Today, I’m once again focusing on trends in children’s publishing.

The middle grade and young adult fiction markets continue to be hot, but with some deviations. For years, series and trilogies captured the attention of agents and editors and still are, but stand-alone books are beginning to as well. Favorites of young readers are fantasy, science fiction, and mysteries.
Nonfiction books dealing with history, science, and biographies are becoming more popular. This trend will probably continue due to the Common Core used by teachers across the nation.
Picture books seem to be more popular, compared to the slump in the past few years. Animal stories have been a big hit in 2013.
Beginning/early readers written with humor are growing in popularity.
I enjoy staying current with the trends, not necessarily to write toward the most popular subjects, but to gain a better understanding of the publishing world.
Call for submissions for young writers:

Speak Up Press accepts writers ages 13-19 years old as well as adult. We are always looking for new and engaging works of nonfiction for young adults. (Poetry submissions are closed.) We are looking for stories about finding voice, overcoming adversity, striking out in new directions, or being creative. Contemporary stories are preferred, but historical nonfiction is also accepted. If you are querying historical nonfiction, make sure you have a fresh and engaging angle for your story. Query one page first.

Details at 

Call for submissions for adult writers:

Spellbound is a quarterly fantasy magazine for children 8-12. Each issue will be published in ePub format.  This is a quarterly publication with reading periods.

Themes and Reading Periods:

Winter 2012: Rings & Other Magic Things, Reading Period: July 1 – September 30, 2012

Spring 2013: Changelings & Doppelgangers, Reading Period: October 1, 2012 – December 31, 2013

Summer 2013: Dragons, Reading Period:  January 1 – March 31, 2013

Fall 2013: Creatures of the Deep Dark Woods, Reading Period: April 1 – June 30, 2013 

We want Spellbound to introduce children to fantasy in all its wonderful forms.
Details at
Check out more contests on my blog:


  1. It is good to be aware of what's happening in publishing, but it does no good to chase trends. Thanks for the submission posts, but the dates for Spellbound are all in the past. I think you picked up the incorrect schedule for them. I will check on line to see what's coming.

  2. Hugs your way, Rosi, for bringing this to my attention. I corrected it in a blog. Thanks a bunch.