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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Setting Goals/Calls for Submissions

What’s up for the year? January is a good time to reassess goals. This year, my main goal is simple: I want to revise a chapter book and develop it into a middle grade novel. Notice I didn’t write that I wanted to snag a book contract. I definitely WANT that, but I set goals that I can manage. Since I can’t control what an editor and publisher decides to publish, I don’t set a book contract as a goal.

How do I plan to achieve my goal? I’m going to set times to write and research. John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Life interrupts goals but I’ll weave writing in between the interruptions that are sure to pop up.
I’ll revise my writing and have it critiqued; then revise again and again. I’ll try not to fall in love with my words and send them to an editor before the manuscript is ready. In the meantime, I’ll research potential markets for the manuscript so when my literary “baby” is ready to go out into the publishing world, it will be more likely to find a home.
Of course, I have other goals. One is to write a picture book.
Think about writing goals you can manage and control. Focus on those goals and let’s make 2014 a productive year.
 Call for Submissions for Young Writers:
Eifrig Publishing's YACK! (Young Authors-Creative Kids!)
Kids up to age 14 my submit stories to Eifrig Publishing. All stories are turned into an online book which may be read for free on the site. At the end of the event, a jury will select the story to be published in paperback. The author will select a charity to whom all proceeds will be donated.

 Call for Submissions for Adult Writers: 
For Magazine “Ask You Ask Me” for children ages 6-14:
We are interested in articles rich in scientific accuracy and lively approaches to the subject at hand. The inclusion of primary research (interviews with scientists focusing on current research) are of primary interest to the magazine. We hope the writer to study the real cases in the scientific field, find the one that is the best for explaining (or corroborating) the basic scientific knowledge. We want the readers to face the real scientific world, but not simply the textbook knowledge. 

Feature Articles: Up to 1000 words. Includes: in-depth nonfiction articles. (An interactive approach is a definite plus!) Q & A interviews, plays, and biographies are of interest as well.
Fiction: up to 1,000 words. Includes: science-related stories, science fiction, retold legends, etc., relating to the theme. 

Submissions, queries and questions should be directed to:
Editor: Conny

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  1. It's good to focus. I think many of us "resolve" too much and end up failing. I'm also keeping my goals realistic this year. Thanks for the calls for submissions. Always of interest.

  2. I'm striving for attainable goals, to just get the manuscripts written. That's the hard part.