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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas
Enjoy the holidays and the writing quotes.
The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.
~Mary Heaton Vorse
As far as I'm concerned, "whom" is a word that was invented to make everyone sound like a butler.
~ Calvin Trillin
A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. ~ Richard Bach
The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do. ~ Thomas Jefferson.
Every writer I know has trouble writing. ~  Joseph Heller
Proofread carefully to see if you any words out. ~ Author Unknown
We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
~ Ernest Hemingway
If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. Or, if proper usage gets in the way, it may have to go. I can’t allow what we learned in English composition to disrupt the sound and rhythm of the narrative.
~ Elmore Leonard
Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.
~ Larry L. King, WD
…and my favorite…
It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.
~ Jack Kerouac, WD
Call for Submissions for Young Writers:
Stone Soup is a magazine of writing and art by kids ages 13 and younger. We publish stories, poems, book reviews, and illustrations, all by young writers and artists. Stone Soup welcomes submissions from young people up to and including age 13. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you must submit your work by postal mail. Send it to:
Stone Soup Submissions Dept.
P.O. Box 83
Santa Cruz, CA 95063
Submission guidelines at
Call for Submissions for Adult Writers:


Nightlight Reading is requesting submissions for our 2014 Nightlight Readings Short Story Writers Contest that is geared to at-risk boys in the 10-12 year age group who often stop reading for pleasure.  Nightlight Reading’s goal is to fund and promote literature that appeals to boys and keeps them engaged and reading.


§ The written piece should be considered a SHORT STORY with a MAXIMUM COUNT of 5,000 WORDS.

Deadline for submission for the 2014 contest is December 31, 2014.
Mail entries to
Blaze Magazine, PO Box 2660, Niagara Falls, NY 14302


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