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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hot Topics for Picture Books

What are some hot topics in picture books? Let's look a few:

Diverse books are now in demand and these books go beyond folktales. Publishers are looking for books about children from different ethnic backgrounds who participate in everyday activities, not necessarily in an activity that showcases a different country or culture, but those are popular, too. These books depict families and cultures, promoting understanding and acceptance.

Write about a subject kids enjoy. What do kids like? I wrote a book, THE TRUTH ABOUT PRINCESSES. There is a little princess in many young girls. When I do book signings, little girls often reach for that book first.

Boys love trucks and cars and rocks. On a school visit a parent asked me if I had a book on rocks. She said every time she did laundry, she found rocks in her son’s pants. Voila! An idea for a book. As it turns out, I did a six-book series on rocks. Other topics kids love are robots, ballerinas, heavy machinery, cowboys, super heroes, and animals. Listen to what parents and children request, too.

Notice what is not in the marketplace. One Sunday when I was employed as a librarian, I read an article about pink dolphins. The next day I checked the distributor’s list and could not find one book on the subject. Eureka! I had an idea for a book and a couple of years later, my literary baby, ON THE BANKS OF THE AMAZON was born.
Next week, we’ll talk more about picture books.

Call for Submissions for Young Writers:
The Kid’s Storytelling Club. Want to create a story? Your very own story? A story to tell your friends, family, or a big audience at a festival?
Ages 5-12 years. Storytelling activities, crafts, telling tips, and creative story ideas for elementary and junior high students. Articles” Word lengths vary.

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Call for Submissions for Adult Writers:
Thrasher. Boys 12-20. Focus is skateboards and snowboards. Articles: Up to 1500 words
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