Thursday, September 16, 2021


I’m baaaaaack with more writing tips.

The pandemic slammed the doors on school classrooms across the country, so I temporarily closed my blog thinking that I would post again when schools reopened, which meant soon. Wrong! Eighteen months later, this blog is resurfacing.

A lot happens in one-and-a-half years, especially if cooped up inside with nowhere to go. As always, I turned to writing, my personal outlet for all things sweet and bitter. Not associating with friends was bitter. Fear of a virus we can’t see, hear, or touch was bitter. The loss of a “normal” lifestyle was bitter. The silver lining of the dark, threatening cloud was more time to kick up my heels—sweet. More time to read—sweeter. More time to write—sweetest.

More time to write gave me the incentive to revise a mystery novel I’d drafted years ago. Month after month, I pounded the keyboard and finished that rascal. Sweet! I’ve been visiting classrooms, virtually. Sweet! I’ve kept up with friends and family via text and phone. Sweet!

During this time, an editor asked me to write a picture book based on an illustration of a spooky old house. So, I accepted the challenge and enjoyed playing with words. Ooooo. Strange characters. Zap! Strange actions. Boom! Strange sounds. A picture book is forthcoming.

The publication of my 50th book, COWBOY JESSE, was another speck of silver lining during this pandemic, a speck I will always cherish.

Let’s have fun with another silver lining often used in writing—The Rule of Three. Play this hunt-and-find activity by identifying examples of the “Rule of Three” in this blog. (Hint: There are several.)


Rule of three: using a word or phrase three times for emphasis.


In my next blog, the talented author, Sandi Underwood, will visit with news of her latest book, ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN, a middle-grade novel.

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