Monday, January 10, 2022

 A New Year, A New Opportunity

One thing I appreciate about a new year is the opportunity to focus on what we want to do with our time and energy. Writers need meaningful goals.

Promoting my latest book, BUGS ON THE JOB, tops my list. Working with critique partners is another. Meeting readers is a must. Those are lofty, doable, and meaningful.

Then there’s writing, another must. I’m working on a manuscript with a so-so ending, not one I want to use. Last night or maybe early this morning I woke up, at least semi-awake, and the ending popped into my brain. Later in the day, I remembered the new ending. It works. That’s happened to me a few other times, but not often. I consider it a gift from my muse, or maybe my brain needed time to process the information. Either way, I’m thankful.

The world of writing is filled with many opportunities to make us thankful. A book contract is exciting, but little things we encounter on the up-this-hill-and-down journey sustain us. Kind words from a critique partner or editor, a fan who wants another book, hearing a phrase that’s inspiring, writing a page or more of a manuscript….

What is on your thankful list?


Here's a fun activity for writers of all ages:

Writing activity

New Bug on the Loose

You are a bug detective and have just discovered a bug no one has ever seen. Your job is to give it a name and describe it. Also, draw a picture to show the world your discovery.

Bug Name:

Describe the bug’s appearance.

Where does it live? (Example: in wood, underground, in trees)

What does it eat?

How does it hunt?

Draw a picture of the bug.


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