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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writing Activities Based on The Truth About Princesses

My latest picture book, The Truth About Princesses, is a look at popular fairy tale princesses. Where do princesses live? If you should meet a princess, how do you address her? Find out what princesses wear and what they do to have fun. Twirl through the pages of this book and catch up on all the princess fun. Here are some fun writing activities for students or anyone wanting to expand their writing techniques.

Ø Imagine what would have happened to Cinderella if her step-mother and step-sisters had been good to her? Would her fairy god-mother have helped her? Would she have met the prince? Write a new version of Cinderella based on these changes. Draw illustrations to help tell the story.

Ø Imagine a fairy tale princess as a modern girl. Her family has lots of problems and they discuss those problems on a television talk show. Write five questions to ask different members of the family. Write answers to the questions. Students will act out the scene.
Ø Write a newspaper article based on a favorite fairy tale.

Ø Write riddles based on fairy tales and ask classmate the riddles.
I’m spinning gold, who am I?
I ate a poison apple, who am I?
I wear my hair in a long, long, long braid, who am I?

Ø Create an imaginary character that possesses a magical power. Write a story about the character.

Ø Write an acrostic poem using a character from a fairy tale. Begin each line with a letter from the character’s name. Illustrate the poem.


Ø Write a diary from the point of view of a fairy tale character. Write an entry for five days or more.

Ø Drama: Students will dress up as their favorite fairy tale character as they present their writing.

Ø Students will dramatize their favorite fairy tale by retelling story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Check out my website, for class activities based on each of my books. Core Content included with each set of activities.


  1. Fairytales must be in the air. This is the fourth post that I've read today about princesses! Very cool. Thanks for the great prompts.

  2. Princesses are popular right now. Glad you enjoyed the prompts.