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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Writing Goals

- Happy New Year!

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to set writing goals. Whether you’re a writer or a teacher of writing, or both, goals will keep you focused on the path you choose.

Motivating students to become more involved in the writing process is a goal many teachers have. The key is to plan activities that will capture the interest of students using activities that are fun. In grade three and up, brainstorm with students to create writing projects. If the students are involved in the setting of the goals, they will be more interested in following through.

Here are a few writing goals to consider:

--Make more time for writing. If you're a teacher, make time for more student writing and allow students a platform for presenting their work to others.

--Make an on-going list of all the books you read this year. Reading a variety of books help writers broaden their writing. Read some books you normally would not read. Read a book from a genre you would not normally choose. If you never read biographies, read one you think you’d like. Read biographies of favorite authors to get an inside view of the struggles the author had in getting published.

--Set aside a time every day to write, even if it is only one sentence. Sometimes one sentence is enough to get inspired to write a paragraph or more.

--Set aside time every day to read.

-- Join a critique group. Feedback from other writers will help you improve your writing.

--Of course, reading this blog regularly will help you grow as a writer. In fact, pass the blog along to other writers and teachers of writing.

Make this year a great writing year.

The next two weeks, I’m going to post writing contests that do not require entry fees.

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  1. Nancy, Great advice about reading from a genre outside of you normal choices. As a book pubicist I read just about all genres and I have found that experience makes me appreciate the written word all that more.