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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spirit of Kentucky:Bourbon Cookbook/Call for Submissions

My latest literary adventure has taken me on a new and exciting route, which led to me researching and writing Spirit of Kentucky: Bourbon Cookbook. Each of over 500 recipes has a note about the history of the recipe or information about an ingredient. If you prefer not to use bourbon in a recipe, you have that choice. Most recipes have a subsitute for bourbon or the option of omitting the ingredient. Bourbon balls are the exception. I know of no way to make bourbon balls without bourbon.

I love research because I’m always learning something new and interesting. One tidbit I learned is that we can make vanilla flavoring oh so easily—and cheaper. That’s an idea I had never considered.

I approached the research for the cookbook the same way I approach writing a nonfiction children’s book. I wanted to make the Notes section a fun read-aloud. As I researched I kept thinking about what a cook would enjoy learning about a recipe, food, or ingredient. In doing so, I accumulated more information than I would ever need. A surplus of facts gave me the luxury of picking and choosing the most interesting pieces to use in the book. Reseaching a subject is like digging a well. The more we dig, the more information we gain. As we dig we uncover interesting bits that surprise us.

For adult writers:·
From Robert Lee Brewer: “I will consider poetry submissions for the 2013 Poet’s Market. 20 previously unpublished poems will be selected for publication in the book, and the poets will receive a paycheck for their poems.” Deadline is August 15. Pays: “publication, $50 payment, and a contributor copy of the 2013 Poet’s Market.” For more information/detailed guidelines, see

Note: I’ll resume posting for young writers in September.

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