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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trends, Trends, Trends/Calls for Submissions

Writers can never keep up with all the trends. By the time we write, revise and polish a manuscript that fits a particular trend, the market is flooded with that genre and the trend has passed. So why bother looking at trends? It's to our advantage to study the market to see what publishers are buying and learn why those books garnered a contract. Also, if we know the market is over saturated with a certain type of book or subject matter, we can avoid it. The more we educate ourselves with what publishers are buying and why, the better we can devise our own writing and marketing strategies.

Here are the top genres for multi-book deals in 2010. Young adult and middle grade are still strong sellers. Picture books are a harder sell, but editors and agents predict that the tide is beginning to turn, and picture books will soon be on the up swing.

Top genres for multi-book deals with major publishers in 2010
Romance – 108 deals
Mystery & Crime – 73
Young Adult – 56
Middle Grade – 53
Science Fiction – 31
Thrillers – 29
Paranormal – 27

Call for submissions for young writers:
BRASS MAGAZINE. Our contributor team is made up of young adult writers from
around the country. We're looking for people with varied experiences to join this team: from financial gurus,
entrepreneurs and avid investors to those sharing experiences about managing debt, budgets, and their first foray in the real world.

Are you between 16 and 29 years old? Are you passionate about
writing, savvy with research, and up-to-date on current trends?
Are you able to meet deadlines?

Call for submissions for adult writers:·
The Brooklyner, to be published quarterly, is “currently reading for our inaugural issue, which will largely include fiction and nonfiction. We will also consider poetry, commentary on relevant pop culture, and reviews of the following: books, food, cruises, amusement parks, concerts, field trips, underwear, holidays. Also translations. We are not seeking novellas or novel excerpts.”

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