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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Character's Silent Language, Part III

Social scientists state that 93% of all communication is nonverbal. So how do we transfer this information into our writing and allow the reader to gauge a character’s emotions?

Touch is a common practice. People who engage in conversation often touch each other. Is the touch friendly, playful, comforting, encouraging, assaulting, or indicating some other feeling? Also consider the person who is being touched. The intent may be interpreted differently by the person being touched. How long did the touch last? Was it flirtatious?
Repetitive movement. Does the character repeatedly run his finger through is hair when nervous? Bite fingernails? Stick out his jaw when angry. People exhibit different mannerisms and characters should reflect these specific and different gestures, as well.
Since so much of our communication is conveyed through silent language, such as gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and proximity, let’s incorporate these expressions and mannerisms into our writing for a more realistic approach to developing characters.

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