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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, Old Manuscripts

One of the best perks of being a full-time writer is the freedom to choose one’s own hours and space. A flexible work schedule is conducive to productivity, right? Yes, and no. This lack of structure can be conducive to lack of productivity. We have no one to answer to (excluding ourselves) and no accountability for what we accomplish in a particular period of time.

The solution for me is to set goals, those elusive targets that are attainable, measurable, and effective. And what better time than now when a brand spanking new year dawns.  

Last year, I set a goal of rewriting old material that had a budding future. No new material would percolate from me until I had exhausted the potential of manuscripts stored away in the dungeon of my computer. I reread numerous picture book manuscripts and a chapter book that looked promising. One-by-one, I began a revision and pitched each to my critique partner. (Thanks, Sandi!) 

My specific goal for each was to evaluate the marketability of the piece and to rewrite with a stronger voice and according to more current standards, such as shorter word count. Some of the buried manuscripts bore little similarity to the newly minted versions. 

By following this literary roadmap, I revamped each piece from beginning to end.

Attainable? Yes, I revised several.

Measurable? Yes, I garnered FOUR contracts.

Effective? Yes, times 4. 

My goal for this year is to revise more of my buried tales. (Are you ready, Sandi?) 

Call for submissions for Young Writers

Bazoof! General submissions are welcome from youth (ages 7-14) or their parents/caregivers. Stories are welcome from youth of any age. Some ideas of what you could send:

·         Letter

·         Short story (12 years and younger: 500 words or less; 13-18 years: 900 words or less; Doesn’t include any violence, fighting, not too scary, gruesome, or dark natured. Must be suitable for readers ages 8-12 years).

·         Poem

·         Craft idea

·         Drawings

·         Photo of your pet

·         Photo of you doing an activity you enjoy

·         Picture of a project that you made

·         Recipe

·         Game or puzzle

·         Jokes or riddles

·         Tell me about a sport you enjoy playing or a musical instrument

·         Or any other ideas you have!

Submission guidelines at 

Call for submissions for Adult Writers:

Bumples is an interactive publisher for children ages 4-10

Submission guidelines at

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