Sunday, November 21, 2021

         A week ago, I attended the Kentucky Book FairAfter months of isolation, I was a 

bird finding my wings. This was a day of sharing on so many levels.

          Talking with other authors gave me the chance to learn what they’d been writing and discuss my upcoming books. Forging professional relationships with authors is instrumental in developing a career. Fun, too. Viewing their extensive collection of books juiced up my creative flow. Now I’m ready to tackle my next manuscript with vigor. How’s that for a win-win!

          I met friends I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, longer for some, and filled the time chatting, laughing, reminiscing. How’s that for a treat!

          Making new friends and meeting fans is another opportunity offered by a book fair. We instantly connect through a common bond: the love of books. How’s that for a slice of happiness!

          Here’s a win-win writing treat that’ll make your words happy.

Each student will write one “What if” question on a strip of paper.

Examples: What if my cat could talk? What if people could read my mind?

Students will fold each question and place it in a bowl.

Each student picks a question out of the hat and writes about the topic.         

Note: I’m using the word “student” loosely in this context. Students of writing come in all age groups. This activity works equally well in a writer’s group.

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