Sunday, December 5, 2021

Here’s a peek at my latest picture book. BUGS ON THE JOB is a hive of activity. Fireflies are deLIGHTtful. Beetles break down rotting wood. They’re TREEmendous workers. Dung beetles are super scoopers. They save the earth from piling up with you-know-what. Bees are responsible for one out of every three foods people and animals eat. Honey, that's BEEutiful! 

BUGS ON THE JOB will be available in January and at that time, I’ll have a book signing at the Read Spotted Newt Bookstore in Hazard. The book signing date will be announced soon. If you are local and can’t attend the book signing, contact Mandi at and she will reserve a book for you. 

Those who are not local can preorder on the website on this page

The book will be available beginning January 1st at and will be available through the distributor APG Sales and Distribution in Nashville beginning February 1st. 

Holding a new book is the ultimate thrill for writers. We’ve poured our hearts, along with smidgens of sweat, and trickles of tears, into the work for months and years. From the time a picture book is accepted for publication, a two-year stint is in order to revise, tweak, and wait, and wait, and wait. The effort is worth it.

Sweat and tears morph into chills and thrills as writers meet fans of their literary “babies.” The publication date is approaching quickly, and I’m ready. 

Writing tips:

If you’re writing a picture book or a short story, keep the number of characters small. BUG ON THE JOB has two characters per page, and occasionally a third character, a flower, pops up.

Dialog breathes life into the characters. Allow your words to show a character's personality.

Add humor. Every reader loves it.

Add conflict. The flower gives power to conflict in this book.


Nancy Kelly Allen has written 51 children’s books and a cookbook, SPIRIT OF KENTUCKY. Check out her blog at

 BUGS ON THE JOB, Nancy’s latest picture book will be available in January 2022.

Check out her blog at



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