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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Idea to Finished Manuscript, Part IV

A new pair of eyes is needed before sending your manuscript to an editor or agent. Latch onto a writing partner and trade critiques or join a critique group. Either way, you will receive honest, constructive feedback. The feedback will make you look at your work in a new way. It is the most efficient way to strengthen writing skills and brings a new perspective to your manuscript. Choose a partner or group that writes the same type manuscripts as you, if possible. 

Having a writing buddy or buddies keep you working. On days when you procrastinate, deciding to wait until tomorrow or next week or when you feel inspired to write the next chapter, you keep fingers to the keyboard because your group expects you to submit a new chapter. Not only do these groups keep you writing, they keep you writing your best. The quality feedback offers ideas and avenues that you had not considered for your characters and plots.  

Shared resources is another benefit. If one member hears of a publisher requesting a particular type of manuscript or running a contest, the information is passed along. My critique partner and I share lots of information from contests to new publishers to agents. I know her work so well and she knows mine so we pass along timely information that fits our writing.  

Networking with other writers is inspirational. Writers will encourage you when rejection letters pile up, as rejection letters do with everyone who submits.  

Writing is a solitary job but good writing comes from rewriting. With a little help from writing buddies, your manuscript can shape up so you can ship it out.

Call for Submissions for Adult Writers:
Features are generally 800-1,000 words in length, and cover travel, specific outdoor destinations, issues affecting children and the outdoors, and how-to articles; they should reflect a wide diversity of outside opportunities in a variety of environments. Recipes, trip reports, and gear reviews should range between 600-800 words. “My Outdoor Family” is a popular segment of our magazine, and a great vehicle for writers new to online publications. Share your family’s outdoor passions, experiences, and goals in 600-700 words. Fifty percent kill fee.
Submission guidelines at

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