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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Journal, a Secret Weapon for Writers, Part II

Don’t limit the journal to words only. If you find a photo that would reflect a character or setting, place it in the journal for safe keeping. When describing a setting, the photo of the fictional area makes the words flow much easier. If you can’t find the perfect photo of the setting you have in mind, sketch the locale according to your story. Having a visual layout of an area in which you see trees, stream, and animals roaming makes writing realistic scenes easier.

Research the subject of the story so interesting facts can add to the realism. Readers enjoy learning something new or being surprised with a tidbit of information. Journals are a great way to store  thoughts and facts that stimulate your imagination.
Create a problem for the character and plot the story so the character must solve the problem. Think about it when you are out and about running errands or simply relaxing. Make a list of five, but I prefer ten, options the character can choose. Write these in the journal and let the ideas simmer in your brain. Refer to them as you add another option or cross one off the list. By writing the options, they are implanted more in your brain and you can play with the possible outcomes. A journal becomes a log of your thoughts and ideas so when writer’s block comes knocking, you have a list of choices and one of them may offer the perfect breakthrough.
Call for Submissions for Adult Writers:
2015 RRofihe Trophy. Contest for an unpublished short story (Minimum word count: 3,500; maximum to 5,000 words).
Winner Receives:
$500 cash
Announcement & Publication on

–Stories should be typed, double-spaced, with the author’s
  name, the story's title, and contact information on the
  first page
–Submissions must be received by October 15th, 2015
–Limit one submission per author
–Author must not have been previously published
  on Anderbo
–E-mail submissions to with
  RROFIHE TROPHY in the subject line
–THERE IS NO READING FEE and all literary rights will
  remain with the author
Submission guidelines at

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