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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Think Visually for a Picture Book

I wrote a picture book manuscript. Revised until my eyes threatened to cross. Pitched it to my critique partner for feedback. Revised again. Back to my critique partner, and revised again. 
Since most picture books have two components, pictures and text, the goal is to limit words to the bare essentials. The characters' clothes, house, shoes don’t need to be described, unless vital to the story, because the illustrations will provide those. For writers who are not illustrators, it can be difficult to think visually, eliminating the aspects that can be shown through illustrations.
Lack of description provides space for illustrators to carry the story beyond the text and to develop a variety of picture possibilities. Sometimes illustrations add a second story line. 
Focus the story on action and dialog. Dialog allows the emotion of the character to step off the page.
Introduce characters that reflect the interest of the audience/age group. 
Move characters forward in the plot and into different settings. 
Vary the emotional intensity of scenes.
With a maximum of 600 words or less, omitting description allows writers to delve deeper into the story in a short amount of space.
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