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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Chapter Book Revision, continued

In my revision, I’ve reviewed the setting and made sure I let the reader know where the story is happening. The action takes place in a park, in present day, for the duration of three days. The setting provides the backdrop for the action, and that allows me to use sensory language to evoke vivid sights, aromas, and slimy tactile sensations, in this case—snot! Snot works for the chapter book age group.

The park setting is the backdrop for the conflict, too, from sneaky bullies inside buildings, to finding hidden cave treasures on a hillside,  to a deep diving escape in the swimming pool. Nights can be dark with only firelight to see. Sunny days can offer an environment for soundless steps on a mossy bank, perfect for sneaking up on wild goats. I’ve used setting to enhance the conflict and raise the tension. The thesaurus has come in handy in choosing descriptive words and phrases to create the mood of the story. In revising, I’ve tweaked the scenes to make the setting a part of the story narrative, rather than merely describing it, to keep the reader immersed in the fictional world.  

Conflict/problem builds reader interest. I introduced part of the conflict in the first chapter, hinted about another conflict in the second chapter, and fully introduced the other conflict in the third chapter. The goal of the main character is to attend a weather camp weekend at the park, but because he has a problem with a neighbor, he is grounded (the initial conflict). The conflict arises in the first chapter and gives the story direction.

 In my next blog, I’ll discuss more elements of revision.

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